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We may follow with interest what the color of the year will be according to Pantone, but this is not the guiding light to modernity. At least because its relevance will be replaced only in 365 days. And Dulux also launches a color of the year. This is where the confusion comes in – which is more modern – Ultra Violet or Hearwood – the saturated, definite violet color or the delicate, pastel complex nuance. And who would want to live in an interior screaming “I was created in the year of Ultra Violet”, since it is already the year of Corral.

This is how we decipher the trends, creating our unfading modern, timeless interiors.


Things with minimalism and maximalism is like with the ebb and flow, and like with ….the crises, no matter how much we don’t like this topic. That’s why we combine the pure elegant line with “bursts” of brilliance and splendor in the form of rich textures, expensive materials, lavish cascades of shapes. The eclecticism we create is without vivid contrasts of times and styles. The result is perfectly mastered maximalism, which is certainly much more vital than any trend.


The trendsetters themselves seem to be lost in the labyrinth of current shades. Green, some say emphatically, and emerald green, especially on velvet, is the king of the season. Rather, forest green, others shift the focus. No, dusty green, the color of sage, decide others. Deep colors, reminiscent of precious stones, are relevant. They bring intrigue, drama, sensuality. There is also talk of new neutrals. Gray is not losing ground, although some place it far down the row. The combination of pink and gold is still relevant, but pink is in a more peach version… And what about the eternal black? It’s more in the details… Ah, these trendsetters…

What is eternal, in our opinion, in the handling of colors, is the achievement of the sophistication of their impact. That is why in our projects we superimpose smoothly flowing shades and place color accents. It is not important for the color to be the color of the season, it is important for it to be expressive and to create the magic and emotion of precious jewelry around it.


We expect that this trend will be quite vital. It is about mixing materials in one surface or in one piece of furniture or accessory. It is an elegant way to mix times and styles without overpowering any of them. With a successful mix like this, a really timeless sound is achieved. That is why we often combine different wall coverings – silk wallpaper and leather, wood and stone, looking for the multi-layered effect. When we make furniture and details according to our project, we also mix wood, metal, glass and stone. And we are convinced that this furniture will be a trend for many years. And they will age beautifully.


The connection with nature is becoming more and more valuable as a balance to our urban living. In the current trends, it literally “exploded” in the form of exotic prints and patterns of wallpaper and fabrics. From palm leaves to flamingo silhouettes, from ceramic accessories to upholstery in terracotta shades.

The theme “jungle”, no matter how lavish, fun and extravagant it may be, is likely to fade away. But the topic of the connection with nature will certainly be lasting and will develop in different directions. We love and interpret it in its delicately sophisticated version – as natural green oases-vertical gardens or emphasizing the beauty of natural materials and natural forms – from marble, onyx and alabaster to expensive woods, cocoa-colored skins and butterflies decorating Michael Aram’s sets.


Current trends have focused on the ceiling. Right now, a very important function of the ceiling is to be highlighted with color or bright decorative wallpaper, to attract attention with visible beams or plaster ornaments. The ceiling has always been especially important in our projects. We prefer to elegantly fit it into the overall architectural and design harmony of the interior and at the same time give it its own value. And looking up brings pleasure to the beautiful surprise. Sometimes we are happy to indulge our imagination, to such an extent that we turn the ceiling into …. a hanging garden


Out of the three current styles that trendsetters are juggling now – New Vintage, Boho Style and Golden Age Glamor, we identifiy ourselves mostly with the latter. It works with the brilliance of velvet, leather, silk, wood, metal and glass, with the beauty of the design forms of the 50s and the time of Art Deco. We interpret it in our own way. We would not allow the fact that copper elements allegedly lose their relevance at the expense of silver, to deny us a beautiful copper lamp by Tom Dixon, in case it suits the interior very well. Because we are looking for the timeless beauty of the Golden Age Glamor.

Even the Pantone Color Institute, the institution that launches the color of the year, says:

“We live in a time that requires ingenuity and imagination.” It is with ingenuity and imagination that the hot trends must be read, we would add.