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WHO IS Eduard Mojahed?

Eduard Mojahed is the founder and conceptual drive of the most successful and award-winning interior studio in Bulgaria.


Together with WeareDesign’s team, for almost a decade, they have been working on the creation of luxury interior solutions for residential and public spaces, restaurants, hotels, aircraft, yachts, and more.

Creating a unique and individual concept for each project is the cornerstone of their success. From the overarching vision to the minutest detail, Eduard Mojahed’s team crafts timeless designs. Their projects seamlessly blend character, style, functionality, comfort, a balanced sense of high-tech solutions, and special handmade effects, furniture, and lighting.

Eduard Mojahed’s name is renowned not only in their native country but across the globe. Their projects span five continents, and in 2019, Eduard Mojahed was nominated for Designer of the Decade worldwide by the International Architecture and Design Awards.


For us, it is of utmost importance to create a design that passes beautifully through time and does not lose its relevance and brilliance over the years. We accept it as an investment in the good life. We do not blindly follow trends and we are not guided by our creative ego; our work is always subordinated to the needs and individuality of the client. We skillfully manage the secrets of the industry and master in depth the philosophy of luxury – unobtrusive, discreet, organically interwoven in the fabric of space. We understand the needs and help our clients reach their goals in creating a space that improves the quality of life without wasting time and money in stressful situations. To guarantee the excellent result, we implement all our projects ourselves.

We accept our work as an exclusive responsibility – at all levels of the long journey called interior design. It begins with the ability to listen carefully to our clients, work delicately, and ends with the precise execution of the last detail of the new environment and the feeling that one of their dreams has come true.

Our corrective is the symbiosis of experience and passion for discovering the unknown balanced over the years. We provide a world-class turnkey interior design service – including creative, technical installations, repairs and furnishing down to the smallest detail.



”Time and experience have taught me and my team to listen twice as much as we talk. We express ourselves above all with the design we create. We listen carefully to the wishes and specifics in order to complete the task in the best possible way and to create a luxurious and functional space that our customers dream of and that expresses their individuality. Our mission is to create interiors for a happy life or a successful and efficient business. “- Eduard Mojahed

Some of our signature projects are:

Al Sultan Mayfair – Al Sultan is a 180-square-meter Lebanese restaurant in central London. Here, the lacy metal nets embrace the oval shapes, sculpt the space and bring a mysterious sensuality to the atmosphere.

The Pearl Berlin – The extravaganza and temptation of nightlife, expressed through light and design – this is the concept of Eduard Mojahed and studio WeareDesign, which created the interior of this club in the west of Berlin.

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DSTRKT London – This project is located in central London. The concept of the investors is to create a restaurant that will serve modern continental cuisine, while at night to merge with the night club of the neighboring area.

Hotel InterContinental Sofia – The exquisite graphic theme, materializing the downtown spirit of the Bulgarian capital, is continued in details such as lining, panels, selection of furniture and accessories.

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In the last couple of years, projects by Eduard Mojahed and WeareDesign have garnered numerous awards from prestigious international competitions such as the German Design Awards 2022, London Club Awards, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, International Property Awards, International Design Awards, BigSee Interior Design Awards 2021, A’Design Awards, and more. Among the most awarded projects are Café Noir, Urban Loft Retreat, Cityscape Hotel Sofia, and exclusive projects of private homes in Plovdiv, Edinburgh, Munich, Oslo, and San Francisco.