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Soft, warm light, dancing flames, soft crackling of wood – the fire in the home brings romantic charm and relaxing comfort. For millennia it has been the heart of the home, the nucleus around which family and friends gather, and this has not changed to this day.

In the modern, high-end home, the fireplace is an architectural and design solution with high added value. It is often an accent of the interior design and a focal point in the room. The fireplace is not just a practical and stylistic element, but also a symbol of coziness, luxury and comfort – that’s why we find this solution in a large part of the interiors created by the designer Eduard Mojahed.

Wood-burning, gas-burning, electric or biofuel-burning, built-in, double-sided, free-standing – the fireplace in the interior has extremely diverse technologies and vision.

Like any piece of furniture, it acts in synergy with the general interior context and fits harmoniously into the overall aesthetic concept. In the new interiors, we find several trends in the design of the fireplace and the area around it:


The grandeur of the past and the refined luxury of aristocratic mansions are the great inspiration for this element of the interior, which is usually associated with historical traditions in furnishing.

The classics have many faces – from the Renaissance, through the Baroque and Victorian eras, to the new era of Art Deco. Design solutions in modern interiors do not literally repeat historical patterns, but mix and interpret different elements. The new, modern reading of the classics is materialized in elegant, sophisticated interior solutions that perfectly fit into the modern lifestyle.

Classic-style fireplaces have a soft sculpted line, decorated with ornate motifs inspired by the time of royal dynasties, and these forms make a connection with the spatial fluidity of aristocratic old apartments. The idea of authenticity is continued with plaster ornaments and paneling. The fireplace works in harmony with the rest of the interior design elements – marble, crystal chandeliers, silk wallpaper, mirrors in lavish frames, accents in gold and silver, color scheme in white, ecru and black, cassette doors.

Classic style fireplace


The fireplace with an elegant, clean stone frame is the link between modern and classic and emphasizes the idea of the cosmopolitan spirit of the design. This approach is especially suitable when the interior is in historic areas and buildings in which the classics are organically present, but the style is based on the requirements of the modern city person. Traditional codes are interpreted with the layout of the fireplace, complemented by luxurious materials such as marble, bronze, crystal, velvet, silk, leather – a reference to the world of fine crafts, connecting traditions with contemporary design. A curatorial approach to the selection of furniture, lighting fixtures and art transforms the area around the fireplace into an exclusive place.

Elegant interior with a fireplace


The fireplace creates a feeling of protection and privacy, so necessary for modern urban people with a dynamic everyday life. Modern design solutions rely on a clean geometric line and a minimalist approach. Particularly impressive is the original design reading of the industrial style in the context of the luxury residence – it combines rough and fine surfaces, concrete, lightened and “warmed” with natural materials. In the generous interior spaces of modern homes, the fireplace with two faces is particularly relevant – part of the architectural plan and an element that separates and connects the zones.

Contemporary interior with fireplace


A highlight of modern interior solutions is the fine metal frame of the fireplace, which turns the fire into a picture. This precise, cool detail can be combined with minimalist aesthetics and laconic graphic themes. But the clean look can also be part of the delicate finesse of modern eclecticism, with which extravagance, aristocratic restraint and timeless class meet in interior design.

Fireplace – fire as a picture


An open fire, built organically into the housing volumes, is a strong trend in modern interior design. This approach is in sync with the idea of a clean line of architectural solutions and of complete, continuous lines of furniture. The fireplace becomes part of the ensemble around the TV and becomes the focal point of the living room.

Fireplace – as part of the furniture


Good interior design is always in harmony with the context. In this regard, the presence of references from the Bulgarian traditional style in the design of the fireplace, intended for a space in which the memory of the traditional Bulgarian house is sought, is not a surprise. In this interpretation we find the characteristic trapezoidal shape of the fireplace and the combination of stone and wood. It is very reminiscent of another symbol from the encyclopedia of design – the mountain chalet. With its classic look, this type of fireplace will never lose relevance and can fit into the “chalet” style anywhere in the world.

Fireplace – for stylish and cozy interior design

Regardless of the style of the fireplace, its presence in the interior magically transforms it into a place for sharing and relaxation. Live fire adds invaluable additional value to interior design and gives the space an incomparable feeling of coziness and high class.