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Success stories often start with good office design – a space for development, for inspiration, for communication and exchange of ideas. Life in it should be fulfilling, and employees should have a sense of meaning and mission – a necessary condition for creating a high standard and added value. We tell you about WeareDesign’s new home – a space created with interior craftsmanship combined with functionality that follows the studio’s business goals and vision. You enter here with pleasure and desire and you wish to stay. You feel calm and energized, you work with a good mood, you immerse yourself in work and the time passes imperceptibly.


The design of the workspace suggests the style and standard of the company right from the threshold. The door handle, the corridor and the reception, the lighting, the flooring… the interior design language is quiet but so eloquent and expressive. Step by step, detail by detail – the design of the office reveals the artistic manifesto of the company and suggests which elements are highest in its hierarchy. Therefore, when designing WeareDesign’s new home, the goal was to create a luxurious and functional space that would provide comfort to employees and at the same time represent the work style and creative vision of the studio.


We enter the WeareDesign’s office – the superb synchronicity between luxurious office interior design, the highest level of functionality and elegance captivates at first glance. The interior combines a contemporary look with a timeless design that will retain its value over time. The color scheme is soft as velvet with nuanced, warm neutral tones. This sophisticated softness continues with oval walls that seem to calm the working dynamics. Here we have to look up – the ceilings are also part of the rich interior plot with impressive solutions. As in every WeareDesign project, designer accent lighting is a real jewel in the arsenal of creative solutions.

Office design – design and functionality


Some of the memorable design elements from WeareDesign’s best realized projects are inscribed with style and imagination in the interior. The office design represents the scope and quality of the studio’s work. It demonstrates the turnkey approach that starts with the rough construction site and ends with the smallest details like the coffee mugs. And just as individual projects become a source of pride for their owners, so the design of the studio office is a testimony to the high class of WeareDesign’s and sums up the brand’s portfolio.

Office design – ideas


We have the rare opportunity to peek behind the scenes and see how the studio’s outstanding design projects are created.

We start with the elegant, fluid reception – an element inspired by the design for the InterContinental Sofia Hotel. Accent lighting and a sculpted ceiling are a trademark of the studio.

We pass through the corridor, but without the feeling of a tunnel, because most of the walls are glass, and the mirrors, reflective surfaces and lighting play with the senses. The solution for the ceiling is interesting, formed with a fine, copper-colored net, which gently nets the light and has an effect on the acoustics.

Office design – modern design

At the heart of the office design is the conference room. Large panoramic windows, a fireplace made of a whole block of travertine, luxurious Italian lighting – Melogranoblu, cabinets with natural mother-of-pearl and elegant decoration create a comfortable and welcoming work environment.

Moving on to the dedicated showroom – its flexible product catalog inspires the design process and enables customers to see, touch and feel the wealth of materials on offer.

We come to Eduard Mojahed’s office design – the classic office style is here in a modern interpretation, striking with a contrasting black ceiling and complemented by warm wood and cork, which has both an aesthetic and an acoustic function.

Office design – suggestions


Office design – stylish space

We also open the door to the guest toilet and a surprise awaits us here – the extravagant fiber optic ceiling solution recalls the temptations of nightlife in the interior design of the club “The Pearl” – Berlin.

We pass by functional, bright, soundproof office premises. A great advantage of these workplaces is the wonderful view of the city through large windows – the spirit cannot fly if it lacks space.

Office design by WeareDesign