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Waking up in the cradle of the waves, feeling the salty breeze while drinking your first coffee, and then entertaining, socializing or working with an eye on the horizon – this is what the beautiful sweet life on a yacht looks like. There is more – the hidden silence and tranquility far from the city, the surprises of new views and new lands, the anticipation of the next port, the exciting encounters with sea creatures, the challenges of time… And when all this happens in a comfortable, luxurious environment, the experience is priceless .


Interest in yachts is on the rise, says designer Eduard Mojahed, and WeareDesign studio is working on several projects. “The yacht business is becoming interesting for many people during the pandemic. The idea of isolation on board a 60 meter boat is certainly very pleasant. Undoubtedly, the crisis reminded us all that we have no guarantees for tomorrow and we must enjoy life as much as we can.”


What do top class luxury yachts look like? From the first glance, the dishes impress with modern, clean lines. The interior continues this style of sophistication and timeless elegance.

The yacht is curved, which makes the use of standard elements almost impossible, so every detail is made to order specifically for the place where it will be placed. Here is the role of virtuoso precision and the pursuit of perfection – an important part of the best interior projects.

The yacht – sophisticated custom design


“The specific thing is that in the design of yachts, every corner must have a function and the space must be used to the maximum. The boat must be comfortable to live in, but also safe and functional for the crew, who must move and work unnoticed. This is exactly what makes the interior designer’s task challenging,” commented Eduard Mojahed. And the WeareDesign’s team loves a challenge.

Just like in the interior of the home, each owner has his own idea of the yacht’s furnishings. Some prefer restrained minimalist design, others like a brighter and more expressive style.


Classics in yacht interiors are interpreted with the timeless beauty of lacquered wooden surfaces, combined with the refined, sensual luxury of leathers and high-quality textiles. Here is the place for dark floors, classic paneling and art deco elements that recall the luxury of gentlemen’s bohemian clubs from the beginning of the last century. Generous comfort is complemented by comfortable sofas and low tables that look like jewels. The feeling is of the aristocracy of the past, but in the future – the shapes are clean, with high-tech finishes, and the classic silhouettes are interpreted in the spirit of modern taste.

Yacht – classic style


The sea is the great inspiration of yacht designers. The waves, the horizon, the wind, the sun carry a huge wealth of symbols and associations that enter into an exciting and beautiful interaction with the imagination. In the interior of the yachts, colors and materials are used, as if born from the ocean: luminous elements of alabaster – a reference to mother-of-pearl; lighting fixtures that resemble a pearl necklace; the rich “sand” palette, accents in the color of the sea. The soffit and upholstered furniture seem to have been sculpted by the waves. Lighting based on LED technology allows complex light modulation in any interior space, and mirrors and glazing achieve the impression of larger volumes.

Yacht – inspiring interior

The unique feeling of calm and comfort is like a fine veil that gently envelops the interior – good design is material, but its impact extends beyond the senses, and this is especially important when creating a true object of desire – the yacht.